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KnowledgeArticle.View Print screen

Can anyone provide the way to escape the standard Knowledge article view so it is in the print screen by default. I'd like to pop-up the window on our site (btw popup=true is not working)


This is my code:


<a href="{!URLFOR($Action.KnowledgeArticle.View, PopularArticle.id)}">{!PopularArticle.title}</a>


I'd like this to produce a page without the header/footer (ie pring view)


I note that the print view is just "/p" tagged to the URL like so: "http://url.com/path/p" I can't get the URL of the knowledge article and I can't seem to append the "/p" in any way. Help is really appresciated.



stratus adminstratus admin

If I try to use the SUBSTITUTE on the URLFOR, the string is not found:



<apex:component >
<apex:outputPanel styleClass="WhatsNew" layout="block">
<h3 class="indent">What's New</h3>
    <knowledge:articleList articleVar="PopularArticle" hasMoreVar="hasMorePopular"
        <p class="double-indent"><a href="{!SUBSTITUTE(URLFOR($Action.KnowledgeArticle.View, PopularArticle.id),"?","/p?")}">{!PopularArticle.title}</a></p>


{!SUBSTITUTE(URLFOR($Action.KnowledgeArticle.View, PopularArticle.id),"?","/p?")}


I'm trying to replace the "?" with "/p"


Any suggestions?