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"Action" field in an <apex:listViews/> should have a link, but it's empty...

I have an "<apex:listViews/>" table with "Ideas" records in it. The table showed in the screen has a field named "Action" and it's supossed it has to have a link (named "edit"), but it's empty . What could I do to solve this problem?


Does the user displaying the list view have edit acces to the records?  The edit link will not show if the user cannot actuall edit it...


Yes, the user can edit those records, so I don't understand why the "edit" link doesn't appear. I have another question: can I only use the tag <apex:listViews type="idea" rendered="{!ideasListVisible}" id="ideasList"/> if I want to make the "edit" link visible? Or I have to do something else?