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Hoverlinks for custom related list



    I need to implement the hover link for all the related list of our custom page as per standard. edit link is working but when I click on new button of related list from top before detail page, it's not firing an event as it's invoking apex action method.  Is there any approach to make it done?


Many Thanks..



The standard detail page for a particular object, as defined by the associated page layout for the object in Setup. The detail
component includes attributes for including or excluding the associated related lists, related list hover links, and title bar that appear in the standard Salesforce application interface.

Attribute Name                                           Description                   
relatedListHover                                        A Boolean value that specifies whether the related

                                                                      list hover links Boolean are included in the rendered

                                                                      component. If true, the related list hover links are

                                                                      displayed. If not specified, this value defaults to true.
                                                                      Note that this attribute is ignored if the relatedList attribute is false,
                                                                      or if the "Enable Related List Hover Links" option is not selected
                                                                      under Setup


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