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Maximum number of records on visualForce

What is the Maximum number of records that we can display on visualForce page using List controller.


it's 1000. Even though List<> can contain more than 1000, when used in conjunction with dataTable,pagrBlockTable , repeat the limit is 1000 to keep the view state size optimal.


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1.  Is there any other way to display more than 1000 records in VisualForce.


2. Suppose If I am using AjaxToolKit and writing queries in JavaScript Will that respect the governor Limits



Mahesh Dhara 9Mahesh Dhara 9
For the page tag we can enable readOnly attribute value as true so that -
Number of query rows will increased from 50000 to 1 million rows.
Number of records displayed on VF page will be increased from 1000 to 10000