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Help creating a table of records/values

Alright, I'm simply trying to make a table based on a custom object called Shift__c.


I'd like the table to be titled with a field Department__c followed by the word Schedule.

I'd like 7 columns of records; Each record will populate three lines, ideally in a single row, but that's unimportant at this point.


Each column will consist of all of the records of the Shift__c object that have a specified value in their Date__c field.

Each "cell" in that column will consist of three fields from the Shift__c Object, Ideally one field per line, otherwise each field would need a seperate cell.


I have no trouble generating a List, I just have trouble formatting the Data into the view I'd like. I'm doing it via a custom controller.


Here is an example of the ideal output:



Here's the raw version of that, what fields are where:




Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!