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Creating a VisualForce Email Triggered on the day after an Opportunity Date Happens

When it's a day after an Opportunity occurs (Event_Start_Date__c + 1) I want an email to be sent automatically to all Opportunity Contacts for the particular Opportunity. This email asks all staff (listed as Opportunity Contacts on the Opportunity Related Field) how the event was and what their actual work hours were for the night.
The particular email is a template named: Email Staff for Hours and Feedback
The particular Opportunity name is: Neiman Marcus Model Cocktail Party
The email should go to all Opportunity Contacts except for the Primary/Owner who is essentially the client. We list all reporting parties of the Opportunity as a Primary in the Opportunity Contacts Related Field area.
I created a Workflow Rule (named: Email Staff for Hours and Feedback) with an Email Alert (named: Email staff after an event for feedback and IN/OUT Times) but I don't know how to finish it to accomplish what I want it to do.

#1 do I also need to create a Time-Dependend Workflow Action on the Workflow Rule if I have already created within the Rule Detail the Rule Criteria as TODAY () = (Event_Start_Date__c + 1)? (I am trying to trigger the email alert one day after the Event Start Date ... our events only last a few hours so the day after the event start date will always be a good time to send this email).

#2 how do I get the email to go automatically to all Opportunity Contacts except the primary? Eash of the Opportunity Contacts are of course Contacts already in Salesforce with email addresses?