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Pass list of Campaign Member IDs from Manage Members to Visualforce or Apex

I'm trying to find away around the fact that there's no StandardListController for the CampaignMember object (wtf!?).


I need to create a custom button that passes IDs for the selected campaign members to a visualforce page (or if that's really impossible, an apex class).


Can someone please advise on how I could do this?






As there is no  StandardListController for the CampaignMember :(

you need to go for VF page which will show all campaign members for Related campaign ... and then go for next processing

 Is just a workaround :)





A bit more background on why there's no standard list controller - there's a technical hurdle in supporting several features with campaign members such as lookups, list views, and standard list controllers.  It stems from the issue that there is no Name for CampaignMember, and if we used Campaign.Name = Lead.Name, it would have to be cascade updated any time either change, which is non-trivial.


Net net, it's still a roadmap item :(


Thanks for the background , John. nice to know at least it's on the roadmap, even if it's not a solution for now.