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VF PAge for Multi-Level Bill of Material



I need to urgently develop a page which shows the mulit-level Bill of material.


This is based on 3 objects


Item Master


 BOM Lines


BOM Header is child of Item Master

BOM Lines is child of BOM Header


Following is a example bill of material for product A. 


Product A is made of assembly B, components C and D, and material E.  Assembly B is made from components F, G, and H (as well as other assemblies or products).  Note that a component can be made from another component (item D), or a component can be made from raw material (item  C and H).







I my case I will have Product A and There will be a BOM header which will have Bom Lines with Product B, C, D & E. Then Product B will have a BOM header records with Bom Lines with product  F, G & H and like wise there can be unlimited levels  of components. Practically there will be maximum 4-5 levels.


I need to be able to do a bom explosion and create a flat bom for the work order




I need to be able to create a page which show the indented Multi-Level BOM for the product A


Please let me know, how I can do this using Apex and Visuaforce.


Any examples will be greately appreciated.