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VF Controller in Group Edition

From what I've read in the documentation Apex is not available for Group Edition.  I want to create a VisualForce page for a client with Group Edition that uses an Apex extension controller.  Is this at all possible?  Maybe the logic I was going to write in Apex can be placed directly within Visualforce?


I'm trying to render a single VF page table that basically looks like an activity report.  It requires getting data from the lead, account, and task objects.



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Regarding Apex Authorized, one cannot run Apex in a PE or GE.


However, there is one exception to this rule. Apex that you develop in DE can run in GE and PE, if the following conditions are met:


1.  Apex is installed into the GE and PE org via a managed package.

2. Apex does not expose classes as a Web service - these can be installed, but not invoked (more below).

3. Apex is not dependent on features and functionality that exist only in EE or UE (e.g., record types and/or Campaigns) unless it's dynamic Apex.

4. Your app and Apex have passed the Security Review and been "Apex Authorized."


Apex Authorization means that Apex (classes, triggers and email services) in your app will run in GE and PE, even though those editions do not support Apex by default.


It is important to note this does not mean the GE or PE customer can create new Apex or modify Apex in your app.