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Pop-up Alert when a user login to the ideas site



I have a requirement where in when a user login to the ideas site if he has any comments on his ideas that has been previously posted, he/she should get a pop-up alert that someone has commented on his/her ideas. We have a link that displays the recent activity but we need an alert or pop-up to tell the user that he/she has new messages kind of thing.


Could any one help me with this.

Thanks in advance.



We do something similar but on our internal version of Ideas not the Salesforce Ideas site. We simply created workflow email alerts for new ideas and for comments on an existing idea.


Evaluation Criteria

Every time a record is created or edited


Rule Criteria

Idea: Last Idea Comment Date equalsTODAY
I don't know how it would work for the SFDC Ideas site, but I hope this helps.