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Mobile Development: save and return to list view

Hey all,


I've been playing around with the salesforce mobile app, and I've receently started putting up Visualforce tabs within the app itself, that references a custom object.  The reason why I included the Visualforce page, instead of the standard mobile view, is because of security settings that I want to keep in place. 


Now here's the problem: when I click the "Save" button and using standardcontroller.save() it takes me to a standard Salesforce view page, NOT a mobile list view.  However, I can't seem to find any API documentation on how to do this process.  Is there any way to override this?  Is there any way to override the standard + button with another VF tab? 


To reiterate, this is what I want to do:


1. Standard Mobile List View.  User clicks the + button.

2. The VF page opens up with a Custom Page. 

3. When the user clicks "Save", the VF page is saved, and the Standard Mobile List view opens up. 


Right now, when the User clicks the + button, it takes them to a standard mobile 1 column page, and when the user clicks the Save button on the VF tab, it takes them to a standard salesforce non-mobile view. 


Help please :)