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Visual force page content management



So could somebody tell me is there any easy way to manage the content on a Visual Force page site?


I'm making a web page for my company on salesforce and i'm interested in knowing if there is an easy way to

manage the content of a Visual Force page. I'we tried using Custom Labels but it seems to be hard to manage the contact

through there. The main goal is that my manager could manage the page content easily and not using html or apex code to do that. Ofcourse i could just code the pages in html but then the content administration / management would be come more difficult for someone without html and/or apex experience.


Here's a couple of ways I've done this in the past:


(1) Storing the content in a custom object containing rich text fields.  This allows the users to maintain the content using the WYSIWYG editor.  The downside to this is that the editor isn't particularly feature rich in terms of HTML (no table assistance for example).  The big  upside (IMHO) is the integrated image uploading which makes it very easy to add an image to a page.


(2) Storing the content in a long text area and educating the users to cope with editing raw HTML (or cutting and pasting from an external HTML editor). The downside to this is the image handling.  I find that I have to store the images either against the object or in the Documents tab and paste the URL of the image into the HTML.


If you choose either of these, you can then output the content in a Visualforce page using the outputtext component - just remember to set the escape attribute to false!

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Take a look at CMSForce on the AppExchange.


I have seen this implemented before and it works pretty well.