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Superscript in Event Subjects

I'd like to be able to add a characters in a superscript font/format to an Event Subject, and then display it, both in a VF page and in a standard  page. I know I can't just enter a Subject that includes HTML tags -- they automatically get translated  into HTML entities like <. Is there any way I can get a superscript into an Event Subject field?




Visual force gives the property escape="false" for some input component and it renders the HTML syntax.You can do this through javascript also.In javascript 'InnerHTML' render the HTML input tags.


At least according to the documentation, I'm seeing the "escape" attribute only for output components, not input components.


If I can get a superscript into the Event subject, I could display it on a VF page using outputText with escape=false.


And I suppose I could get a superscript into an Event subject using an HTML <sup> tag somehow, even if it's JavaScript on a VF page that forces it in there.


But it'll never render as HTML when I view the Event using the regular Salesforce calendar UI.


Anyway, I've managed to convince the user that he doesn't really want the superscript after all. (When all else fails, change the requirements! :)  )