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can a custom component use a standard controller?

From the documentation it looks like a component can only take a custom controller or extension.


We are using OrchestraCMS so we need to use their custom controller for the page. But I want to create a component that will fit in the page that includes a contact form that will submit to leads. Pretty straight forward. I don't need to do any addtional processing to the fields aside from some js stuff, so I think the standard leads controller would suffice.


The question is can I use the standard leads controller or do I have to create my own custom controller?





     Custom Components cannot use a standard controller...So the way is to create a custom class with the functionalities that u want and use it "controller" or "extensions" attribute.



You should also be able to create the form using OrchestraCMS' Form Generator, that will allow you to drag and drop the fields from any object into form, instead of having to build a custom VF component.  The form will pick up the styling cues from the underlying CSS.  If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to submit a case at http://www.orchestracms.com.


Hi Dougg, With OrchestraCMS 2.5, what I wanted to do was not possible (discovered after much time with support). However with 3.0 I hope to be able to do it without a custom VF form. I am installing 3.0 now, so we'll see...