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Items to approve dashboard: add parent fields

We would like to include parent fields to the "items to approve" dashboard component. Right now it is only possible to add fields which are related to the approval process itself. Apparantly the only way to do this is by using Visualforce.




Problem is that my knowledge of Visualforce is very limited. Could someone give me a little hand with this, try to push me in the right direction? Really appreciated!




Afzal MohammadAfzal Mohammad

Yes, it is unfortunate that we cannot add parent fields or fields of our choice to the "Items to approve" list on dashboard.


For guidance on visual force you may refer



For guidance on apex you may refer



However refer below url for an understanding of Apex Approval Processing classes you may need to use in your custom implementation.



Hope that helps.




Azfal, thanks for your reply.


According to you, how much work (in manhours/days) would it take for an advanced developer to implement this?


Hi , u can go thru this URL . it will tell u how to insert VF page in the home page layout.




Coming to ur VF page knowledge,


whatever u wanna print in the page , u have to write getter method and catch that variable in page


i have to rush i will email u one example how to do that




I'm not so worried about inserting the VF page in the home page layout.

The problem will be to actually create/write the VF page lol...


I sent you a pm!


Did either of you ever come up with a VisualForce page that did this?  I'm in need of something very similar.







Ditto, anyone got anywhere with this?


Nope, we're still working as before..

Hanish HHanish H


Did any one create this functionality. Please share thoughts / difficulty level and the components developed if any.