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Problem disabling and enabling an inputField

I have a visualforce page that is used to get customer information. I want the form to disable an inputField that asks for the customers age if the customer checks the Do Not Disclose box. I have been unable to get this to work unless I use an inputText box and set it to a string variable.


Controller Code:



 public string age         { get; set; }       
 public boolean disclose   { get; set; }
 public boolean disable    { get; set; }
public void doDisable() {  
if(disclose == true) disable = true;  
if(disclose == false) disable = false;



VisualForce Page:



<apex:pageBlock id="agedisable" mode="edit"> 
  <apex:actionRegion >
    <apex:inputText value="{!age}" disabled="{!disable}"/>                          
    <apex:inputCheckbox value="{!disclose}">
        <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!doDisable}" reRender="agedisable"/>                              




 I want to be able to use an inputField instead of an inputText field but when I try to disable an inputField or an inputText field set to an integer variable it will disable when I check the inputCheckbox but when I uncheck it, it remains disabled.


Also, when I have the age field set to string and it is able to disable and enable properly, once I check the checkbox the formatting of my page changes and a large space shows up between the checkbox field and the next field in my form. Is there a way to avoid this?


- Jim Hutcherson






I have another idea.dont  know works for you or not.

Use output panel to show inputText field and inputField when you check the check box.

something like this....


<apex:actionRegion >

<apex:outputPanel id="p1"  rendered="{!panel1}">
<apex:inputText value="{!Name}" disabled="{!disable}"/>

<apex:outputPanel rendered="{!panel2}">
 <apex:inputField value="{!Name}"/>                          


 <apex:inputCheckbox value="{!disclose}">
 <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!doDisable}" reRender="agedisable"/>                              





Find below a sample code :


            VF CODE:

            <apex:page controller="disableInputField">

                                <apex:form >

                                                <apex:actionFunction action="{!disableCloseDateInput}" rerender="oppName"/>

                                                <apex:actionFunction action="{!enableCloseDateInput}" rerender="oppName"/>


                                                <apex:inputCheckbox/> <b>Disable inputField</b><br/>

                                                 <apex:inputCheckbox onclick="actinFunc2()"/> <b>Enable inputField</b><br/><br/>


                           Opportunity Name:


                                <apex:inputField value="{!opp.CloseDate}" required="false"/>

                                <script>document.getElementById('{!$Component.oppNameInput}').disabled = {!disableInput}; </script>





           Controller code:

                                   public class disableInputField {

                                                public Opportunity opp {get; set;}

                                                public Boolean disableInput {get; set;}

                                                public disableInputField(){

                                                                opp = new Opportunity();


                                                public void disableCloseDateInput(){

                                                                disableInput = true;


                                                public void enableCloseDateInput(){

                                                                disableInput = false;