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How do I make my phone numbers click-to-dial like on the detail page?

I turned on the call center adapter and the softphone.  On the basic view page for the contact details, the phone number is click to dial.  How do I give this same functionality to my custom detail page written in VisualForce for a contact?  The phone number is a phone data type and i'm using an outputField to display the phone number.  This makes the number only text and not a link.

Thank you

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi, memtiger623!

I suggest that you check Tenfold, a 3rd party CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems. One of Tenfold's key features is click-to-dial, which converts phone numbers in Salesforce or in any part of your browser into clickable hyperlinks.

Tenfold's other features are automatic call logging, a screen pop (caller ID), a call analytics dashboard, and more.

To learn more on how Tenfold integrates Salesforce with phone systems, check this link: