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Site performance with windows 7 machine

I am facing a problem with windows 7 machine.


i have created a visual force page and added some command buttons on it which process some server side code.

and display the result on the same page.


when i log in to site and stay on that page for  about 5 mins and click a command button on the page it takes too much time for completing the request. Some times it is so long that it doesnot complete it.


I have checked with two browsers i.e. and mozilla.

This problem is specifically with windows 7 machine.

Could anyone guide me on this issue.



I'm afraid I've not got anything to offer to help with this, but I'm using Windows 7 also and I don't see the same behaviour.


The only time my sites pages take a long time to load is if I've made changes to the Visualforce, in which case there seems to be quite a lag rebuilding the page.