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Tom M422Tom M422 

VisualForce navigation question, one page to another

I'm relatively new to VisualForce Pages and I'm trying to navigate through a series of pages  necessary to complete a long application. The pages are built against different custom objects and I'm trying to figure out how to go from one page to another where the second page represents a different object. 


Any suggestions ?




Are you looking to commit your changes to each object as you navigate through your application?  E.g. is  it a save and continue scenario?


If so, you'll need to use extension or custom controllers, as the standard controllers will leave you on the view page for the object in question.  In the extension/custom controller you'd have an action method (called something like SaveAndContinue) which applies the changes to the database and returns a PageReference that directs the browser to the next page in the sequence.