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Re : Use of Dynamic Visualforce Notation

Hi Guys,

Could anybody explain, how to use Dynamic Visualforce Notation. Which is new feature in Summer11.





Have you read the documentation?


If so, do you hacve specific questions?


first you have to put a case to activate this feature then you can work on this,, actually this means when you want to render a particular control from the apex based on the condition then you can use this dynamic components feature.....like render attribute in any of the vf comonents.. 


Ahh.  Dynamic components are in pilot in summer 11.   Your organization needs special authorization to be able to use that feature. 


What questions do you have about it?


I'm trying to determine if Dynamic Visualforce components can be used to dynamically display master or related object [Account] field values on a [Case] page layout used by different customers. Also, the documentation I've read thus far mentions that it can't be used in a production instance or for external customers - does this mean that even if Dynamic Visualforce can be used to resolve the above mentioned ask, that it can't be deployed until it is GA?