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Dynamic Picklist values based on Record Type in VF

Please clarify my doubt:


I wanted to use few picklists of an Object as filter criteria, but I want to have the LOV's to be populated based on the Record Type that was assigned to the profile logged in. Does the standard controller support this kind of functionality or we need to have custom picklists.

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Custom Picklist is the only option for you , one other option is to have different picklist fields for each layout and render appropriate as per record type but that will complecate your business logic whereever you are using that picklist field. So I woul suggest you go for custom picklist, it suits best for you.


Then please tell me this too,


Actually  For a couple of picklists, the LOV number is so high(850,2000+) that i need to retrieve them dynamically from the master data every when a user changes the controlling picklists , I already have a customisation for this but I am afrais that I need to filter the LOV's from almost 30k+ records every time and this might run into some script limitations at some point.

Also I need to serach for the records with hte selected picklist values.


Can you please let me know , how to handle this kind of scenarios. I just wanted to know the better way of implementation.



Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

As you have this big data in that case picklist will be a issue for you it would be very difficult for user to see this much of records and select from them , I would suggest you to see YUI Autocomplete component and use it.