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Open PDF in new window after save



I'm looking for a way to open PDF file in new window after saving current change on the page.


I created "Order Report" page, which shows lots of custom fields added on Opportunity, like customer PO#, shipping instruction etc.

When the user finish editing the order report, they need to save it in PDF.

so I've created command button "Convert to PDF" and code is:


<apex:commandButton value="Convert to PDF"  onClick="window.open('/apex/orderReportPDF?id={!Opportunity.Id}');" />

 The problenm is the PDF shows the data before the user edit order report.

I think I need to put some code in APEX  extension class, but don't know how to code to open the PDF in new window.


or is there a way to show pop-up message to tell them to click "SAVE" button before "Convert to PDF"?


Thanks for your help.

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Figured out by myself.

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Figured out by myself.

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Do share

Ahmed AdelAhmed Adel

can you tell me how you did it , because I need this way too


If it is anything like excel this is how I did it...


I created a second VF page with only the data output sections. Then on the main VF page I created a command button that called this function in the controller:


public Pagereference createOutput()


     return new Pagereference('/apex/vfDLHImpactDollarsExcel?year=' + paramYear);



you can make the new pagereference(......) anything you need it to to point to your second data only output. I used get and a parameter to set the data in the second vf page.


Here is what I did.


Create a second VF page (render as PDF).

On first VF page, add command button with action="{!save}" and onClick to open PDF in new window.

(see code below)

 <apex:commandButton value="Convert PDF"  action="{!save}" rerender="{!Opportunity}" onClick="window.open('/apex/orderReportPDF?id={!Opportunity.Id}');" />

 First page is the page that use enter information in, when user click "Convert PDF" button it will asve it and open PDF in new window.

On second page, I made it nicely format and put company logo on it, but you can use same code and just add "render as PDF" in Apex:page line.


Hope this will help.


Can you please give me the solution which worked.

The requirement is to open a PDF file when the record is clicked. I am either able to open a blank pdf when the record is clicked  or the datas are getting stored as an pdf attachment in the record. Hope you could help me on this.