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Peculiar..Unable to Save VF page for some users



I have a VF page with a controller extension. The page takes the input from users and when clicked on the Save button, should save and redirects the user to home page.


Lately from 2 users, they input the information and click Save, Nothing is happening. I did a webex to confirm if it was a User error, but to my surprise it was behaving the way they said.


Any reasons for this type of behavior? any pointers on this would be great.





You can check the Profiles assigned to those users.


If after clicking on "Save" button no error is displaying at the same time data is not getting saved to objects means the issue is realted with Field Accessibility. Just cross check that users profile has access to the fields on VF page.




Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

To narrow down to the problem, you could do the following


  • Enable debug log for the specific user
  • Login as that specific user and try to save the page.
  • Check the debug logs generated

My guess is that there is an exception thrown when you try to save the record as that user, that is the reason the system is unable to proceed further. If you are not able to find the cause, post your code and we will have a look


You should also put the <apex:pageMessages/> component somewhere on your page. If there are errors happening that can't be mapped directly to the input elements, they will show up in this component when your page refreshes after the failed save.