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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah 

onclick and oncomplete when used together do not work for commandLink


I have a commandLink on click of which I want to ask the user for confirmation first i.e. whether he is sure to take the action. Once the user says Yes and the action is completed, I want a alert saying that the action was completed successfully. In order to achieve this, I used the onclick and oncomplete attributes of CommandLink. My issue is that if I use both the attributes, my commandLink action never gets fired. If I use only one of the them, everything works fine except I have only one of the popups. 

Is there an issue when both the onclick and oncomplete attribute are used together? Following is a sample code:


<apex:commandLink value="Test" action="{!myAction}" onclick="return window.confirm('Are you sure?');" oncomplete="alert('Event Completed');" />




According to the docs, oncomplete will fire when an Ajax request is completed.  Given that you aren't rerendering anything, I suspect your request will be considered to be a simple postback resulting in a page response from the server.


Try adding a rerender attribute and see if that helps.



Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah

Added the rerender attribute but it didn't helped. 


Hmm.  Are you rerendering the section where your commandlink is located?  


When I've needed to do this kind of thing I've tended to use an actionstatus with the onstart/onstop event handlers. 


Try using this instead -  so you don't return anything if it's ok to continue.  I think otherwise it short-circuits the built in SFDC javascript.

onclick="if(!window.confirm('Are you sure?')) return false;
sunny solanki 6sunny solanki 6
<apex:commandLink onclick="window.confirm('Are you sure?');"  oncomplete="alert('Event Completed');"  > will work fine like charm.  Just remove return attribute and your code work fine.