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<ol> tags rendering as <blockquote>

I have a complex visualforce page in which *all* of my <ol> tags are rendering as <blockquotes>.  In the page source, there are many <ol> tags and no <blockquote> tags.  In the rendered HTML, it's the opposite.


I don't even know where to begin looking for a solution -- thoughts?





ol {list-style-type: decimal}


Try putting this on the top of your page. If that does not work there are alternate ways to inject styles into the html element.



Checkout more about list-style-type from the link below or directly from w3c site.



It's not a question of CSS - i mean that the <ol> tags have literally been replaced by <blockquote> tags in the generated HTML.  I know that I can adjust styles accordingly, but I'm trying to solve the alchemic transformation!


That is strange. If possible please create a test page with test code and include the code here.

I tried the following code and it is working fine. The ol tag is not replaced with blockquote and it is using the default list-style.


<apex:pageBlock id="idTestCode">
    <apex:outputPanel id="idTestCode">
            <li>Hello Li 1</li>
            <li>Hello Li 2</li>




I can't get a test page to replicate the behavior, and don't want to post this page as it's REALLY LONG and involves several components (which may be contributed to the problem).


I've filed a case with SF support, who can look on the backend, and will report back.