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Reg : Maximum view state limit exceeded?

Haribabu Amudalapalli

Hai to Salesforce,


   I am getting following problem 


           Miximum View state limit exceeded.


I have form there i am selecting options,based on that i am displaying results on the Vfpage.It is working fine in one sand box .but it is not working in another sandbox,there i am getting above exception, when i am trying to execute that page.


Please heklp me to solve the above issue.





If you have a lot of data which you are loading and storing in class variables, it can cause this error.

The View State stores the values of non-transient class variables declared in your Controller.  So, if you query 1000 records and save them to a class variable, then you will have a large view state.


Take a look at the View State information in this document:



Hope this helps,