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Campaign influence Related List for Tabbed Opportunities

Looking to see if anyone has information on what the related list name is for Campaign Influence on Opportunities. Working on a tabbed Opportunities page and its the only list where I cannot find the API name. I have tried APEX Explorere and searching the boards but no luck yet. The best info i have come across so far were some older posts indicating that this list is not exposed to the API but was on the roadmap.


Anyone have more up-to-date information on this?


Just so we are 100% clear on what I am looking to do, here is a code snippet from my VF page:

<apex:tab label="Campaign" name="Campaign" id="tabCamp">
         <apex:relatedList subject="{!Opportunity}" list="CampaignInfluence" />


Karel SlabyKarel Slaby

Did you find the answer? I am looking for answer too, and no results so far. Thank you.

@cashworth I'm trying to find that API name too.  Did you find the answer?  Can you share it?  Thank you.
Benjamin Pirih 9Benjamin Pirih 9

Also looking for the answer to this.  Was anyone successfully able to get the Campaign Influence related list to display correctly.   I get the following error if I attempt to use 'CampaignInfluence'     

-'CampaignInfluence' is not a valid child relationship name for entity Opportunity