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How to add Custom field to existing User Object



I am accessing the salesforce account as Admin.Now i want to crete a User who should have a field "customer_key" along with  the fields mentioned in Salesforce.com to create a User.

 Inorder to make the custom field available in Salesforce.com  create user page, the custom field need to be added to the existing User object.Is my guess correct?

Also anyone please suggest me on how to add a "Custom Field" to the existing Object in Salesforce.com.








Simply follow the below steps:

  • Click on User Menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Click Setup
  • Then on the left side you will see 'App Setup', click on 'Customize'.
  • Then click 'Users', and finally 'New' button on 'User Custom fields' section.

This will work for you.

Candace PhelpsCandace Phelps
Hello There,

Is there a way to create custom fields on the User object? I admit I may be blind, but I am not seeing any "New" button or "User Custom Fields" section in the Setup Menu > Users except for the "New User" button.

We are using Winter 18 with Lightning. 
Desirae Slaugh 8Desirae Slaugh 8
Candace Phelps,

From "SETUP" in Salesforce Lightning you will click to the "Object Manager" and scroll to the label "USER". Once here you will see "FIELDS & RELATIONSHIPS" on the left side bar, click here. Then in the upper right corner you will see the "NEW" button to create a new custom filed on the user object. 

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User-added image
User-added image
Shanmu P 6Shanmu P 6
Is it possible to create this custom checkbox in "Create User" page via apex?