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Required fields in outputpanel on VF page



I have 2 output panels in  a VF page. 


Panel 1:

<apex:outputpanel><apex:pageBlock><apex:pageBlockTable>Some required fields<apex:pageBlockTable><apex:pageBlock> </apex:outputpanel>



<apex:outputpanel><apex:pageBlock><apex:pageBlockTable>A pageblocktable containing list of attributes<apex:pageBlockTable><apex:pageBlock></apex:outputpanel>


On click of Add/Remove for the pageBlockTable in Panel2, a controller method is invoked. A check for the required fields in Panel1 is being made and is getting re-rendered; and if  found null error messages are getting thrown.


I want to avoid the required field check for the Add/Remove click for Panel2.


In a nutshell, it wil be helpful to find a way to avoid making a controller call for Add/Remove.


Thanks in advance. 


Try Using the Action Region Tag. Here is a tutorial which explains the use nicely:


You will need to put the Panel 2 in action region tag and panel 1 out of it.


Hi Silver Goblin,


I am facing the same issue, can you kindly point me in the same direction if you were able to find a solution for this one ?


Thanks in Advance,