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Form Reloads and all fields are cleared on clicking submit button, Intermittent problem.,


 I have created one form which takes input from user and creates a record in the system. This page is osted on site.

This form has some inputfields, 4 inputfile fields for attachments and a submit commandbutton.


On Clicking the submit button, the extension controller's save method is called and after validations the record is created in the system .  99% time this form works absolutely fine.


But 1% time when someone clicks on 'Submit' button, the form clears out all the data fields and doesn't perform any action. And user has to fill in aal the fields again and submit the form.


This is intermittent problem, seen once in 100 trials. I checked the coe many times, I dont see any issue with the code. Can someone guide me why the submit  button isn't functioning properly in 1% cases.

If require, I will provide the code. 


Have you turned on debug logging to see if the submit is hitting the controller method?


Debug logging is turned on, but I cannot check the debug logs as hundreds of user are hitting the form same time, and the problem is seen once in 200 cases. But I am confident that the controller's save method is not hitting for sure. If it hits the cotroller, then it will create the record and take user to 'Thank you' page; In case of error, it shows the errors to the user on the current page wihout clearing any field data.


I tried many times, butcoudn't re-produce this issue. It's only seen by som eof the users, that too rarely. But customer wants a solution to this.


I did hear that there are limits to the number of concurrent connections that a site will support, so it may be something along those lines.  Can you set up any stress tests during quiet periods?