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Suman KunduSuman Kundu 

How to add a key value pair to url from Apex

I am working on a visualforce page where there is a extension controller. Now in this controller, I am overriding the save method which returns PageReference. Here when I am returning Page.AccountTabbed, it makes the url as follows:



But I need the url like:


[Need to add 'openTab=NewSubscription' at the end]


I have tried it like

                PageReference pageAcc = Page.AccountTabbed;
                pageAcc.getParameters().put('openTab', 'NewSubscription');
                return pageAcc;

But it doesn't change the url.


Can anybody help me out...


The URL only changes when the browser is redirected to the new page.  If you are already on this page (or a page with the same controller) the browser remains where it is.  


Where are you performing the redirect from?  Is it a page action attribute method?

Suman KunduSuman Kundu

I am using AccountTabbed visualforce page. When the Save button in it is being clicked, its controller's save method is called. From which I am calling the accountTabbed page again adding a new parameter(key-value pair).


You'd need to set the redirect attribute on the returned pageference to true to achieve this, i.e.



This will, however, result in a full browser redirect, which will cause a new instance of the controller to be created and the previous instance to be discarded.

Suman KunduSuman Kundu

But I have to keep that instance alive. Is there no other option?


If you are going back to the same page with the same controller instance, why do you need to put the information on the URL - can you not use a controller property?