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Using related list hoverlinks in a VF page

I have a VForce page which is basically a copy of a custom object detail page. I have the related lists setup in my code, but I can't figure out how to bring back the hoverlinks without implementing the standard apex:detail attribute, which duplicates my entire page.


<apex:page standardController="Vendor__c">
<apex:detail relatedListHover="true"/>
<apex:sectionHeader title="{!$ObjectType.Vendor__c.label}" subtitle="{!Vendor__c.name}"/>
<apex:pageBlock title="{!$ObjectType.Vendor__c.label} Detail">


Is there another way to turn the hover links on?



Ah I see - so you want the hoverlinks w/ anchor tags to jump to the various related lists, but you don't need to show the main detail section?


I think apex:detail is the only component which renders the hoverlink area.  You might look at hiding the main detail block via CSS (?)