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Highlighting some fields while grading out others

Hi All,


I have a requirement where I have to grade out some fields. Let me explain the requirement. I have a filed called "Stage' which has different stages like Stage A, Stage B, Stage C. These stages have some sub-stages like Stage A-Contact Made, Stage A-Goal Shared, Stage B-Contact Made, Stage B-Goal Shared, Stage B-Contact Made, Stage B-Goal Shared.


My requrement is when I select a  stage, Sub-satges of it should appear in other section or table with date fields against every sub stage and other stage should be graded out(user interface element should be  displayed with a light shade of gray instead of black).


What componetns are available in visualforce to grade out components while making some componetns appear in black and also some help on apex controler class.


Any code or pointer would be appreciated.





Did you try using dependent picklist? your requirement suggests your specific need is to populate another picklist depending on the values selected in another picklist it is a fit case for use of dependent picklist functionality.



Hope this helps...


Hi Ispita,


Picklist does not suit my requirement. Actually I want to show all the substages not only the sub stages of a particular stage. Like if i select Stage A, then sub stages of Stage A should be shown  but other sub stages graded out.  It is not like other sub stages are hidden they would be shown too. I hope I am able to make it clear.