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Re rendering visual Force Page elements from a component

Hi , guys  I am having trouble rendering a page element from inside  a visual force component 


Problem in breif is as follows


I have page  and that page contains  a custome (apex/visualforce )component and a panel group that contain  several out put panels.


In side the component I have a button ,


when that button is pressed in rerender one of the output panels on the page which is outside the component


problem is 

this doesnt work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:manmad:

Any tips or clues on this matter will be really helpful , thanks


FYI : Component has a controller on its own







 Ex :Page code 

<apex:page >

<c:component > </c:component>


 <apex:outputPanel id="panel1" />

 <apex:outputPanel id="panel2" />





<apex:component controller="cont" >

<apex:commandLink rerender="panel1" />

</apex:component >




Is that real code, or a "made up" sample - the reason I ask is that the outputpanel1 you are trying to rerender doesn't exist on the page.


Oh sorry It was small mistake by me ,This is not the real code it is just a simple example of what I am trying to do  , It is given to clarify what I am trying to do , any help is apprecitated thanks


I'm pretty sure that I've done this before, but I'm struggling to find an example.


One thing that its always worth checking is if there is an error occurring when you click the button - do you have an apex:pagemessages tag that you rerender as part of this?


yes bob, the div actually  gets rendered problem was data in not getting loaded , any way thanks a lot for your time and tips 


cheers :D


Cool.  Helps to maintain my faith in the platform :)