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Calling VF page when the tab gets loaded



When the tab gets loaded, how can we call A VisualForce page (with out any actions from side bar).


I am able to achieve this by having custom link in the Home tab(in the Side bar) and when the user clicks on the link it is calling that VisualForce page.

But our requirement to achive this without a link click in the sidebar and that VisualForce page has to be called in the Wide Area.


Your feedback is appeciated.


You can create VF tab, which will call the VF on clicking the Tab, setup-->App setup-->Create -->Tab --> 3rd section Visualforce Tabs


Without doing it by creating another tab for it.


How can i embedd the same logic for the existing Home Tab.




This is some waht tricky, you need to write a Javascript on Home Page url load in any home companent which will run when Home Page is loaded.


As we are new to salesforce development, where can i find the code for Home page.


i searched for it and i didn't find anywhere.