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Help in Query string parameters...


AM 08:00


i have to divide it as AM 08 00 and i have to save them in fields

Appt_am_pm__c = am

Appt_hour__c = 08

Appt_minute__c = 00.


After that i have to use query string parameters to pass it to other page


can any one help on this ...


Where do you want to do this? Is is on the page or in the controller?


in vf page


How do you plan to save the updated field values back to the record?


like that only

instead of slecting time values we can do it directly..


You can use the MID formula function to pull characters out of a string,  e.g.


{!MID(My_Object__c.Time__c, 1, 2)}

 will give you the AM portion (this assumes the full time string is available in a field on a custom object).