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Field-dependency picklists do they work properly in VF pages

I have some field-dependent picklists defined in a custom object.


Does anyone know know if <apex:inputfield> will honor those picklist field dependencies?

In more detail, suppose I have FieldA and FieldB in a custom object.  The picklist values for FieldB depend on FieldA.  Both FieldA and FieldB are on a VF page.  If the user sets the value of FieldA, will the available picklist values for FieldB change?


I could have swore I prototyped this a few weeks ago and it worked.  Now it is not working on my page.


I do have the inputfield in a PageBlockTable.  Could it work for scaler fields but not in tables?

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I found the answer.  I guess I should have searched the board before asking. 


The programmer I had code the page used API version 18.0.  That doesn't contain the feature.  I changed the API version to 21.0 and it works fine.