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Rendering outputText based on a List using IF

I'm using rendered attribute of the <apex:outputText> to display a section header only when the section has elements to display.


This is what I have


Note: copays_Retail is List of objects retruned by the controller method getcopays_Retail


<apex:outputText rendered="{!If(copays_Retail!=NULL,True,False)}"><b>Retail</b></apex:outputText>
 <apex:repeat value="{!copays_Retail}" var="cps">

 this always hides the section header, if I use {!If(!copays_Retail!=NULL,true,false)} gives an error saying that NOT() function expected Boolean but found an Object. Using just  copays_Retail!=NULL always hides it.  I want the outputText element be displayed when copays_Retails is not NULL or has more than 0 elements. How do I acheive this?


Thank you,