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Components Not Rendering Correctly

I've been working on a Visualforce page that is intended to be rendered as a PDF.  The page itself has about 10 different panels, each rendering a different set of information.  There are going to be several of these PDFs/Visualforce pages, and they will re-use (to some extent) the panels.  Therefore, I decided to implement each panel as a component.  After painstakingly laying out the components and their outputs, piecing it all together, I finally reaped the reward and had a nice reusable set of panels that I would be able to include in future pages.  I tested the page rendered both as a normal page and as a PDF and it was perfect.  I deployed the components and pages to our production system and, unfortunately, they do NOT render correctly on the production system.


After trying many different solutions, the ONLY solution that I could find was to copy and paste the contents of each component into the Visualforce page at the exact location where I was initially including the component (thus completely defeating my initial goal of reusing the panels).  The pages looked 100% perfect in Sandbox.

My question is:  Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or does anyone have a resolution to the problem.  I would gladly paste code samples if necessary, but quite frankly, I'm not sure what would be achieved by doing such, as the problem does not appear to be code related, but environment related.


Thanks in advance.

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Has your production org been upgraded to Spring '12 yet?  That could be an org difference?


What you are describing certainly ought to work, so I'd also ask, what release is your sandbox on, and is it the same as your production org?