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Inline editing in visualforce page

Hi All,


I have creted a visual force page listing all the contact records. I have enabled inline edit and defined a save button.

In the class, i have queried for the contact list.  The problem is, when i am updating the list, not only the specific contact but the entire contact list is updated. Hence the last modified by field of all the contact records changes.


Can anyone please help?






Hi DJ Rock your own style,

I guess, when you are retriving set of records using List, (even though you are not updating all the records). But at the end of operation you are updating list of records and not the individual record which causing LastModifiedBy field gets updated for all records.


You can cross check with individual record on standard pagelayout, use the standard inline edit functionality. Dont change any field value on layout. Just save the record, You can notice that LastModifiedBy field is updating even though you have not made any change.




Chamil MadusankaChamil Madusanka

There is an approach for inline editing in following link.




Refer my second reply there.


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