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ArticleRenderToolBar / Rating problem

Hey Guys,

I ran into a problem a few weeks back (still waiting on support... level3 now) with the ArticleRenderToolBar element of VF. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem, or can offer a clue to what I might be doing wrong, or if its really a bug?


So we built a really simple VF page (for a knowledge article) to test the RatingBar control. The only line it had (other than the require page etc.. ones) in it was this (taken from a SF guide pdf):

<knowledge:articleRendererToolBar articleId="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}" canVote="true" showChatter="false" />


I've tried various attribute combinations, but I've not beable to get the Voting stars to function... If I inspect the Page in Chrome I note a 404 error finding /vote/. However if I utilize the default salesforce article display (i.e.. not a custom VF page), then the ratingbar works and these is no 404 error, infact the requested address isn't /vote/ its something like /123456789/vote.js


Is anyone else having this problem, or am I using the code incorrectly?


I should note that the Bar actually displays the correct Article info when you expand it, so the ID passed is correct (which was my first worry). 


cheers for any advice.



as I mentioned, the failing pages are looking for this address:


as a temporary solution I downloaded their vote.js file... which is referenced at this address (noted from the working SF defuault VF pages):



I've made a static reference to the js file and included it. I guess this will be good enough temporary fix, until support get back to me.


Figured this method was better than referencing the URL directly as SF could change it. Just gotta worry about the JS file contents changing.







A bug has been logged and we are going to fix it. I'm happy that you find a workaround in the meantine.


Any update to that Francois ?

We have also encountered this problem recently and we can't use the workaround


This bug has been fixed and will be release with Spring'12 in february.