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[BUG] Related lists not working in console in IE8


Can anyone confirm (and hopefully give a workaround) to a bug, that when you use apex:relatedList in a VF page in the Console view (sample console application), those related lists do not render properly ?

The rendered lists try to call srcUp javascript function when a link is clicked, and this function fails in IE8.


Currently we are thinking of writing our own srcUp function, since we do not want to build all the related lists by ourselves (using apex:pageBlockTable).

Anyone with a better idea ?




Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Confirmed on my end - ran into this back in July 2011.  Logged as a bug, Support didn't have any kind of official workaround.


You could create your own "Related Lists" via PageBlockTables or something like that?

(Edit - just realized that you already said this in your initial post.  My bad.  I don't have a better idea.  Sorry!)