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Custom Related List

How to Create a Custom Related List. i created two custom objects i..e Agency and Broker object. i need to Account Related list under the Agency object.

1.i created Broker lookup field in Account object.

2.i Created Agency  MasterRelationship  field in Broker object.


Now i need AccountRelatedList under the Agency object. how can do this requirement . please help me any one.


What are you looking to display on the related list?  Is it the accounts for all related broker objects?


Thanks for your  posted bob_buzzard.


i created formula field in Account object. that formula field contain Broker__r.Agency__r.NAME. i need displayed All Accounts Relatedlist under the Agency.


Would it not be easier to add an account lookup to the agency and keep that in step with the broker through triggers?  That way you could use a standard related list.


If not, this thread may be of use.