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Softphone to Visualforce via CTI Visualforce pop.

Guys ,


I am using a CTI demo adaptor + softphone


I am populating a VF page from CTI Demo adaptor and Softphone..and I am able to catch the DNIS number and ANI when the page pops up via page url.. 


On the service cloud console if the call lands then its capturing the call details automatically like  calltype and call duration on click of End Call ( its createing a activity record with details automatically) ..


I have overriden the softphone. feature by populating a new F poage rather opening any standard record of salesforce when the call comes in and able to capture the DNIS/ANi from url


Issue is i that now when thecall comes in and populates a vf page ( no service cloud console) , after that on click of END CALL no acticity records get created.


Please guide how i can fetch those call realted details and can create a activity from apex.


Thanks in advance