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Organization Affiliations Help


I have been working with the NPSP now and everything seems to be goig well until I hit a fairly simple, but annoying issue.  I have created a Tabbed VF page to override contact view.  I am able to get all the related info on the page either through <apex:relatedList> or using querying within the controller.


The one problem I am having is accessing the affiliations related list.  I know I could query within the controller if I wanted to, but isnt there a simple relationship that I should be able to find?  Something like..


<apex:tab label="Organizations" name="OrgAffiliation" id="tabOrgs">
        <apex:relatedList list="Affiliations__r" />

I know that Orgs are taking the place of Accounts and it's SF's way of being able to have the one-to-many relationship so that may be why I'm having trouble, but the standard contact view has a related list of affiliated organizations.  Am I just not using the right relationshipname or what?  Please help as this is very frustrating and seems like a simple thing to want to accomplish.  


Thank you