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opener.location is not working



I want to refresh the parent window when close the child window...I have used


<body onunload="opener.location=('/{!selectedId}');" >


this is work correctly in all browser but not in IE....


In IE when we click on the DONE button it is not go back to  the parent window...it is open the new tab/window and refresh the parent window



please help...





Tejpal KumawatTejpal Kumawat

Hi, <body onload="opener.location=('/{!selectedId}');" > will works for IE also , But on Which IE version are u working?? It's not working IE7




opener.location is working in IE  but not is proper manner , means in IE when i close my child popup window then a new tab is opened rather than refreshing the already exist parent window.




Please help.....i am still  not find out any solution for this ..