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Message alongside dashboard refresh button

I'd like to put some text alongside a dashboard refresh button, perhaps alongside id: db_refresh_time


Something like "Click refresh to update dashboard"


I have experimented with a VisualForce dashboard component but can't get this to work.


Any ideas?




Try the below snippet as reference:


Go to your Home page Layouts and Select the Messages & Alerts check box.

Write down the below code in your Messages & Alerts body.

<script >

var run;

var blnSuccess=0;

function refresh()


if(blnSuccess == 0)


 var  celldellink=document.getElementById('db_refresh_time');

var divTag = document.createElement("div");

divTag.id = "div1";


divTag.style.margin = "0px ";

divTag.style.color = "red";

divTag.innerHTML = "Click refresh to update dashboard";


blnSuccess =1;



run = setInterval(refresh,3000);



Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 


Thanks for the response but this did not work.


Maybe I was not clear. I am looking for this text to display on the the dashboard tab.


When the dashboard tab is displayed, Messages & Alerts are not visible because the dashboard tab is full screen