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convert custom link/button JavaScript to VF



I have the following custom link that automatically sends and email to the AccDev Manager.



 I would like to replace this custom link/detail page button for a custom forrmula field or a VF component so users avoid to go to each record and click on the button and they can do it from a list view but individually


So I am thinking to replace it for a VF component in the page (if it is possible to add this component in the list view) so if the user click on Attend for a specific AccDevt will refresh the page and the email will be sent to the DevManager and it will be recorder in the activity related list of the AccDev



Thank you!

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HYPERLINK('javascript:;'&"location.replace('/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?retURL=/"& Id &"&p3_lkid="& Id &"&rtype=003&p2_lkid="& DevManager__r.Id 
&"&template_id=00X30000001VixC&p5=&save=1');",'Click Here','_self')