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Console view

Hi All,


I have developed an inline vf for notes and attachment which displayes all the notes and attachments related to the master object record and the related child objects too. It is working fine but i need to display in cloud console view. I have never worked on the same before. Please help. Here is my code:



<apex:page standardController="Deal__c" extensions="Dealext" showHeader="false">

function refresh() {
confirm('Do you want to Delete?');

<apex:form >

<apex:pageblock mode="edit">

<apex:pageblockbuttons location="top">
<apex:commandbutton value="New Note" onclick ="window.top.location='/002/e?parent_id='+'{!theid}'+'&retURL=/'+'{!dl.id}'"/>
<apex:commandbutton value="Attach File" onclick="window.top.location='/p/attach/NoteAttach?pid='+'{!dl.id}'+'&retURL=/'+'{!dl.id}'"/>
<apex:commandbutton value="View All" id="viewall" rendered="{!nextpage}" onclick="commentOpenSubtab(); return false"/>
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!notesandattchlist}" var="a" rows="5" >
<apex:column >
<apex:facet name="header">Action</apex:facet>
<apex:outputLink onclick= "window.top.location= '/{!IF(a.type,a.n.id,a.a.id)}/e?retURL=/{!dl.id}'" style=" text-decoration:none; color:#236FBD">Edit&nbsp;</apex:outputLink>
<apex:outputLink onclick= "window.top.location= '/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={!a.a.id}'" rendered="{!NOT(a.type)}" style="text-decoration:none; color:#236FBD" >| View&nbsp;</apex:outputLink>
<apex:commandlink onclick="return refresh();" style="text-decoration:none; color:#236FBD" action="{!del}" value="| Del">
<apex:param name="did" value="{!IF(a.type,a.n.id,a.a.id)}"/>

<apex:column headervalue="Title" >
<a href="#">
<apex:outputLink onclick="window.top.location='/{!a.n.id}'" rendered="{!a.type}"> {!a.title} </apex:outputLink></a>
<a href="#">
<apex:outputLink onclick="window.top.location='/{!a.a.id}'" rendered="{!NOT(a.type)}">{!a.title} </apex:outputLink></a>

<apex:column >
<apex:facet name="header">Related to</apex:facet>
<apex:outputfield value="{!a.n.parentid}" rendered="{!a.type}"></apex:outputfield>
<apex:outputlink value="/{!a.a.parentid}" rendered="{!NOT(a.type)}" > {!a.parentname}</apex:outputlink>

<apex:column >
<apex:facet name="header">Last Modified</apex:facet>
<apex:outputfield value="{!a.n.LastModifiedDate}" rendered="{!a.type}" />
<apex:outputfield value="{!a.a.LastModifiedDate}" rendered="{!NOT(a.type)}" />

<apex:column >
<apex:facet name="header">Created by</apex:facet>
<apex:outputfield value="{!a.n.CreatedById}" rendered="{!a.type}" />
<apex:outputfield value="{!a.a.CreatedById}" rendered="{!NOT(a.type)}" />


<apex:commandLink value="Show more>>" rendered = "{!nextpage}" onclick="window.top.location='/apex/Deal_view_all?id='+'{!dl.id}'+'&retURL=/'+'{!dl.id}'"/>





Since you have added this VF page on standard Deal page. So now you have to simply add the deal object inside the console. So whenever you will see any deal record through console you will be able to see the VF pages also inside the detail view. Path for creating the Console:


Click your name-> AppsetUp -> Customize -> Console -> Now create a console here and select the object that you want to display in Console. Finally assign that layout to the profile that you want to give.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 

DJ Rock your own styleDJ Rock your own style

Hi Ankit,


Thanks for ur quick reply.. I have alreaady added the object to console view. My problem is when i click a link in the inline visualforce page, it takes me to the normal view and doesnt load in the detail view frame. I want it to be displayed the same way as the standard notes and attachment related list is displayed in console view.


Thanks and regards,