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Change height of embedded VFP in Standard Layout

Hey SFDC champions!

I want to implement the following scenario:


1. Part: done

+ Opportunity has contract childs

+ Opportunity layout has an embedded VF Page with jQuery Tabs

+ Every tab represents 1 contract child object


2. Part: solution is needed

+ If opportunity has more than 0 contracts, then show VFPage in full size (height of iFrame = 750px)

+ If opportunity has 0 contracts, then show VFPage in small size (height of iFrame = 50px)


Do you guys have an idea on how to implement the second part?


Thank you very much

Josh :-)


This is something that has cropped up many times, but I'm not aware of any solution to it.  The problem is that the standard record view comes from a different server to the embedded VF page, so the browser disallows any interaction between them as a potential cross site scripting attack.